WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser

The WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q excimer laser uses a series of technical innovations to optimize laser vision correction, providing excellent clinical results in Wavefront Optimized®and Wavefront-Guided. Now the laser is FDA-approved for topography-guided laser vision correction as well, incorporating refractive error of the eye and corneal irregularities into custom laser ablations.

The system’s high-speed laser and eye tracker yield both efficiency and safety, leading to enhanced throughput, reduced environmental exposure and excellent outcomes. In addition, its proven, state-of-the art technology offers you and your patients safety and reliability, with a low rate of complications and retreatments.1

Advanced features for precise treatments:
  • 400-Hz eye tracker: Actively tracks eye movement and verifies location before releasing pulses2
  • Integrated cross-line projector: Provides exact alignment of the head and eye position
  • Gaussian beam3 profile: Ensures a smooth ablation without grooves or ridges, while the tiny 0.68 mm spot size provides a precise ablation of corneal tissue and very small transition zones4
  • PerfectPulse Technology®Helps ensure safety and precision at high speeds5
  • Cross-line projector: Provides precise centration









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  • FFine laser beam: Tracks pupils between 1.5 and 8 mm, while the automatic centering mode ensures perfectly centered ablations
  • Considers the unique curvature of each eye:Addresses spherical distortions that may induce glare and affect night vision
  • Integrated, closed-loop energy control: Allows stable energy flow throughout the treatment, enhancing precision and safety
  • Thermal shot distribution: Helps minimize potential for thermal buildup6